Johnny Hunter: My Crop Is Now In Walmart, Whole Foods, and 2,500+ Grocery Stores

Johnny Hunter II is a 3rd generation rice and soybean farmer from Southeast Missouri. In addition, he is currently the President and CEO of Castor River Farms. His family roots on the farm in Dexter, MO started all the way back in 1954, but Johnny began his regenerative farming journey in 2012 and continues to innovate his practices today. Beyond production agriculture, Johnny and his family own and operate their own rice mill as well. ¬†At the facility they mill, package, and distribute the rice they grow in SEMO to thousands of retail locations across the country. As of right now, his rice is currently sold in Walmart, Whole Foods, and 2,500+ grocery stores across the United States. It’s also worth noting, he is currently continuing to scale the business as he has many other deals in the hopper!