About Us

AgSwag is a privately owned business purchased by the Van Trump family in the fall of 2018.

Tired of battling poor customer service, poor quality and lack of premium selection in the swag space, the Van Trump family purchased AgSwag and began the process of converting the business into a full-service source for premium corporate swag.

AgSwag now offers the latest fashions and trends from brands such as: Adidas, Carhartt, Champion, Cutter & Buck, Drake, Fairway and Greene, New Era, Nike, North Face, Peter Millar, Under Armour, Yetti… and more

A professional team has been assembled to walk clients through an easy 5-Step Process for obtaining the coolest and most effective swag. The AgSwag team also helps businesses build and designing corporate swag campaigns that delivered strong ROI.

The past several years the swag industry raced to implement online technology that could automate and deliver low-cost goods. The outcome has been poor quality, poor customer service and poor results with the delivered swag.

Swag should NOT be considered a cost or an expense for business owners. When used properly in a well thought out campaign “corporate swag” can dramatically reduce the cost of new customer acquisition, client churn and retention, expedited development of brand ambassadors, etc. The Van Trump family believes their AgSwag business can deliver on those promises.

AgSwag is not trying to be the fastest or lowest cost supplier. They are trying to partner with “best-of-practice” and like-minded businesses to bring a better “return-on-investment” by designing and helping to implement a well thought out corporate swag strategy and campaign. There are hundreds of online companies that offer quick ways to throw a corporate logo on a cheap hat or t-shirt. AgSwag offers the best in selection, design, implementation, and service!