Your “corporate swag” is your brand identity, vision, and values rolled into one and transformed into wearable apparel and merchandise.


It’s a lot more than slapping your logo on a t-shirt or hat and hoping your prospects and clients appreciate your kind thoughts. Our most successful businesses use their corporate swag as an important marketing channel, to build deeper emotional ties to their brand. Corporate swag has come a long way in the past decade and choosing the right products are critical for your campaigns success and ROI. Marketing and sales specialist have learned, the right promotional items have a dramatic and direct impact on your company’s image and sales figures. Clearly the best campaign results have seen when the corporate swag stands out! If it isn’t remembered, the impact is not nearly as effective.


Think about all of the cheap hats and crappy t-shirts that haver ended up somewhere on the bottom shelf of your closet or the floorboard of your truck. You might use them to mow the grass or feed the cattle, but they won’t deliver ROI if they are not being worn proudly out in public. It’s crucial that you get your corporate swag on the same shelf where people keep their favorite hats, t-shirts and other apparel. Good quality swag helps guarantee a prolonged and prosperous life for your products. Clients and prospect don’t throw away something they believe has “value” i.e. something that has an Under Armour, Nike or Yetti logo. Instead they choose to wear it proudly. Corporate swag last much longer than a traditional advertisement. More than 75% of customers keep a promotional product for 6 or more months. If used and seen often, the product is much more effective than any other type of marketing campaign. Additionally, did you know that 63% of consumers will pass along quality corporate swag if they deem it to have perceived value? It’s true, which means that not only is a quality campaign reaching the original recipient, but in some cases going beyond to the next level.


People associate your company swag with your brand. So if you have good quality corporate swag, people tend to “value” your brand and services at a higher level. If you have poor quality cooperate swag, it can actually work against your efforts. So it’s important that you take your company swag very serious. Protect your brand by selecting only the best corporate swag. Otherwise, you are better off saving your money and or investing it in another facet of your business.


Designing custom corporate swag requires a unique and different skill-set, which is vastly different than designing print media, web pages or content posts. It requires a strong understanding of all technical aspects including, fashion trends, industry insights, product development and textile compatibility. It’s also a lot more than just designing a print or logo. Many business experts argue that designing corporate swag is much closer to product development than simple graphic design. That’s why we have assembled a team of specialist to help create the coolest campaigns.


The best business owners know and understand the importance associated with the cost of acquiring new clients and keeping clients. Study after study has found the right corporate swag campaign can dramatically reduce the cost of both metrics, acquiring new clients and keeping those clients. Our team will help your staff design and create a tailored campaign that will help improve and lower your acquisition costs and at the same time reduce client churn and improve customer retention. Corporate swag can be an extremely powerful and important tool when fully understood and incorporated into a detailed business plan and campaign.


Corporate swag is a very powerful arrow to have in your recruiting quiver. It’s important to get your corporate image and brand in front of the right people to help entice them into joining your team. So how does corporate swag come in? Imagine giving your development team branded t-shirts & hoodies. They wear them proudly during the week, during their commutes and when visiting friends. As studies conclude, employees have friends, family and acquaintances that are probably your right people. They see your employees merchandise and soon the conversation is about your company. When people are looking for a new challenge, you’ll be a the top of their mind. And corporate swag is a lot cheaper, effective and basically a lot more fun than paying heavy recruitment fees. Studies have also found that cool corporate swag also helps to improve and enhance your current company culture.


The #1 reason many corporate swag campaigns fall flat is simply lack of detailed thought, strategy and planning. Apple is known for its product launches because it plans ahead with great detail and understanding of their client and objective of the launch. No detail is left to chance and or opinion. You have to approach and partner with someone that looks at your own corporate swag strategies with the same great attention to detail and planning.


Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snap, LinkedIn, etc.. all offer huge marketing potential for businesses at every level. From start-ups using simple gorilla marketing techniques, to large corporate conglomerates trying to further imbed brand awareness, social media should play a huge role in your business plan. Facebook is now second only to TV commercials for delivering product launch information, and Snapchat is becoming the go-to platform for debuting everything from movies to Starbucks products. Considering that 78% of American adults are now on Facebook, you have to recognize that social media can provide an amazing buzz without a big budget. The right corporate swag campaign can help increase followers, gain more likes and shares, and perhaps spark a viral explosion. Our team of experts at AgSwag can help you design the right social media campaign and greatly enhance your odds of creating a viral explosion. Marketing is a creative endeavor. Sure, there are formulas and best practices to follow, but at the end of the day, the brands who make headlines are those who think outside the box and truly make a statement. In a similar fashion, we believe that corporate swag has to be somewhat different and disruptive, just like the most innovative companies who are changing our industries everyday.


Want to learn more about how incorporating swag into your marketing strategy can fuel your business objectives? Let our team of experts at AgSwag help you build and design the right campaign. As I’ve described above, corporate swag is a lot more than just some printed t-shirts. If you select the right swag partner, you’ll see that your corporate swag starts to work for you. From generating leads to keeping your clients and team happier. Everybody loves company swag, but it’s your responsibility to do it right! You have to find a partner that goes beyond the simple production of your gear. Remember, you should’n be thinking about how much your swag is going to cost, rather how much your swag is going to make. Business is about the Return-on-Investment (ROI), so is corporate swag. Make sure you have the right partner that understands this importance and also has the ability to deliver strong results.