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    Foote Cattle Company – 5 Industry-Leading Feedyards, 285,000+ Head of Cattle & 30,000+ Farming Acres

    Merschman Seeds – Midwest Family-Owned Independent Seed Company Since 1954

    Silent Shade Planting Company – From Canada to the Mississippi Delta 2023 Top Producer of the Year

    Meristem – 0 to 500 Dealers and 100+ Million in Less Than 5 Years

    Peterson Farms Seed – Largest Independent Seed Company in the Upper Midwest

    Burrus Seed – Grandfather of 100% Free Replant +85 Years Later

    McBee Farm & Cattle Co – Farming at Scale, Luxury Carwashes, and Building a Beef Jerky Brand

    Whiskey Acres – Handcrafting the Finest “On-Farm Craft Whiskey in the World”

    Sproule Farms – Turning Wheat Into Pasta and Battling For Shelf Space

    Wyffels Hybrids – Fastest Growing Seed Company in the Corn Belt