Foote Cattle Company – 5 Industry-Leading Feedyards, 285,000+ Head of Cattle & 30,000+ Farming Acres

Foote Cattle Company started in 1985 by Bob Foote, who has owned and operated the ever-growing operation till he recently passed away in 2022. Today, Scott, Brad, and Greg Foote continue their father’s legacy of raising quality beef.

Foote Cattle Company includes multiple feedyards, farms, a bank, and a wide range of other investments. Feedyards include Hoxie Feedyard, Imperial Beef, Lane County Feeders, Decatur Family Beef, and Pioneer Feedyard, which are all located in Western Kansas and Southern Nebraska. Additionally, the farm offers ranch calves, high moisture corn, hay and different types of feedstuffs like alfalfa hay, corn stalks, forage sorghum, straw, grass hay, corn silage, and milo silage, along with manure supply and distribution.