Being Rank Top 10 in the 2006 NFL Draft, Holding World Records, and Hard Money Loans with Loren Howard

Loren Howard, founder and Chief Manager at Prime Plus Mortgages , was raised by a single mother and always had the dream of owning his own business. After many short-lived jobs throughout high school, Loren attended Northwestern University on a football scholarship, where he studied Communications and Sociology. Loren had high ambitions in college when he was projected to go top10 in the 2006 NFL draft, but unfortunately, his football dreams were crushed due to a knee injury his Junior year. He ended up transferring to Arizona State hoping to make a comeback and enter the NFL draft, but couldn’t get the job done.  Shortly after graduating in 2007, he was inspired to launch his first venture, Alternative Web Media, which was an Internet design, development, and SEO company. A few years later, he co-founded Alpha Direct Compounding Pharmacy. Loren also happens to hold three world records in the 500-meter, 100-meter, and 1:00 for max distance in indoor rowing. In addition, he currently sits on the board for Valley Guardians, which is a non-profit organization that raises hundreds of thousands of dollars annually to support local underprivileged children.

In this podcast, Loren and I talk about a wide variety of life interests such as: playing at Northwestern, being ranked #2 at his position in the NFL draft, traveling to Big Ten stadiums across the country, business lessons he learned playing football, overcoming adversity to start his own business, becoming a serial entrepreneur, owning a 2,000 square foot gym in his house, his workout routine, learning to golf, holding indoor rowing world records, having his first child, hard money loans, where the real estate market is going, and supporting underprivileged kids through his own organization called Valley Guardians.  

Listen to the podcast below to learn more about this workout machine and how he overcame tons of adversity to start many businesses after his football career

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