Getting Ready for FARMCON 2020

FARMCON is taking place next week and we’re super excited for everyone to be in Kansas City! We have had a huge response. We SOLD OUT the first time and the Marriott kindly opened up an adjoining space that gave us room for another 250 attendees and we quickly SOLD OUT a second time! Sorry to all of those folks and additional guest we had to turn away, perhaps next year the timing will be better. I just want to take this time to thank my team and family for all the hard work they’ve put in to pull this event off! I know we haven’t started the event yet, but it feels like all the pieces are coming together and we’re ready to roll. Everyone on the Van Trump team has put in months of work for this event but we’ve really gotten after it these past three weeks or so. I should note, we were all in the office past nine o’clock last night working on some finishing touches and that’s only the beginning of some late nights until the event is over. For everyone attending the event, make sure to stop by the AgSwag booth for our official launch of the company! This will be the first time our booth will be displayed and let me tell you… this is something you definitely won’t want to miss! It will be packed full of plenty of fun!!! Again, our team worked extremely hard to make this event happen and it would be greatly appreciated for everyone attending to take a second to thank one of the team members for putting FARMCON on, especially my mom. She may think it goes unnoticed, but this event would 100% not be possible without my mother. I’m extremely grateful for everything she has done for this event and all her hard work, so if you want to thank someone come next week… make sure it’s her!!! I’m excited to meet new people, catch up with old friends, and learn from some of the best in the industry come next week!