Many business owners fail to define their specific goals and objectives for a swag campaign. There’s been hundreds of studies done that show a huge difference between a “client gift” and “promotional swag.” A client gift is offered to show true appreciation for your relationship. In other words, a client gift should be about the client, not about you or your company. A good business relationship is fundamentally the same as a good personal relationship. Relationships need to be established, then cared for. Most marriage breakups are accompanied by the words, “You don’t appreciate me anymore!” The goal of a “client gift” is to try and take an average buyer or prospect and convert them into a “brand ambassador.” Remember, the gift always has to be about the customer and not about your company!

3 Great Gift Ideas to Help Create Brands Ambassadors

Cutting Boards… Engraved with clients last name. Attached is a letter thanking them for their friendship and business.

Chef Knives… Top-quality engraved chef’s knives. The engraving says, “Handcrafted Exclusively for the Van Trump Kitchen.” Attached is a letter thanking them for “carving out some time” for our business and our relationship.

Custom Gloves… Engraved with the clients initials. Attached is a note, “thanks for giving us a hand.”


Don’t reserve these “gifts” solely for paying customers. It’s important that your employees become your biggest “brand ambassadors.” Many business owners and top CEO’s miss this opportunity, perhaps they are too deep in the forest to see the trees.