Cheap Equipment, Fast Times in LA, and Chemical-Free Farming with Clint Brauer

Clint Brauer​, ​CEO of Greenfield Robotics and Owner at MG Honors Farms, ​thought he was done with farming when he left for the west coast after graduating from Kansas State University. After running hard in LA for over a decade in tech at the Sony Corporation, Clint took a pause and decided to come home and use his tech network with the goal of ridding broad-acre farming from its dependence on chemicals. Clint believes he might have a solution through Greenfield Robotics, which focuses on robots that can kill weeds between crop rows without tilling and using herbicides.​ As Brauer leads a growing transition to sustainable farming through the use of low-cost autonomous robotics, he still farms his own land, MG Honors Farms, which serves as a laboratory for testing production methods and marketing. Overall, Brauer has built a very impressive team around him as he seeks to meet his goals moving forward and change agriculture as we know it today. In this podcast, Clint and I discuss more about why he left farming, his experience in LA, making the decision to come back to agriculture, creating Greenfield Robotics, his first product, getting rid of the chemicals on your farming operation, creating premium markets for yourself, and much more!

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