Burrus Seed – Grandfather of 100% Free Replant +85 Years Later

Burrus Hybrids was founded in 1935 by two brothers who believed in the value of service and integrity. Still farm-family owned and managed over half a century later, Burrus Hybrids has built on a tradition of growing excellence to become the successful regional hybrid seed corn supplier it is today.

When a company stands the test of time through a launch on the coattails of the Great Depression, economic hardships and successes and the creation and utilization of inventions and innovations, it has attained a great deal. Burrus Hybrids has had the right ingredients to fuel the successful, and growing, hybrid seed corn business that it is today.

The history of Burrus highlights the events, people, and places that contributed to the growth and prosperity of a family seed corn business. From the first planting of hybrid seed corn in 1935, to the formation of the Associated Growers in 1939, to the launch of an interactive website in 2003 and every farming modernization in between, the Burrus history is the result of hard work and commitment of dedicated men and women. Burrus Hybrids has truly stood the test of time as a trusted partner in the farming industry.